Thursday, October 23, 2014
OSHA Short Takes

Michaels says work on program rule continues

OSHA chief David Michaels said Monday that work continues on the agency's envisioned injury and illness prevention program rule, a regulatory effort for which there have been no recent public developments in terms of moving . . .

DOL names new whistleblower advisors

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez on Monday announced members of OSHA's Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee (WPAC), which aims to advise, consult with and make recommendations to the department on improving the fairness, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency . . .

Senate approps, House oversight panels plan Ebola response hearings

Senate Appropriations Chair Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) announced a full committee hearing Nov. 6 in Washington on on the U.S. government response to the Ebola outbreak. The Senate hearing follows a similar probe last week by . . .

Outreach training program focuses partly on young workers

OSHA is inviting proposals to provide OSHA 10- and 30-hour Outreach Training Program online courses in the construction, general and maritime industries, and targeted training for young workers, the agency said Wednesday (Oct. 8). Agency . . .

OSHA Short Takes
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CDC Calls For Full Use Of N95 Or Air-Purifying Respirators In Health Care Ebola Situations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued sweeping new guidelines for health care workers to prevent the spread of Ebola that recommend standard use of N95 or air-purifying respirators near Ebola, as opposed to earlier guidance suggesting such high-end respirators are only needed during aerosol-generating procedures.

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OSHA: Workers Cleaning For Ebola Must Use As 'Minimum' N95 Respirators Near Aerosols

OSHA has produced new guidelines in response to Ebola saying workers cleaning or decontaminating for Ebola must use at a "minimum" NIOSH-approved, fit-tested N95 respirators in situations where there could be exposure to the deadly virus through a bio-aerosol, such as could occur from spraying liquids or air during cleaning.

OSHA Fully Intends To Issue Silica Rule By End Of Obama's Term, Michaels Says

OSHA is "determined" to finalize new regulations before the end of the Obama administration that lower exposure limits and put practices in place to control crystalline silica dust, agency chief David Michaels said Monday.

Worker Health Experts Urge OSHA To Rapidly Issue Infectious Disease Rule Due To Ebola Crisis

Industrial health experts are urgently calling on OSHA, and also taking their case directly to the White House, to move forward as rapidly as possible on a rulemaking to tackle infectious diseases in health care settings -- pressure that follows close on the heels of at least two U.S. health workers testing positive for the Ebola virus.

Nurses Union: Give Ebola Czar Power To Cut Medicare Funds If Hospitals Don't Protect Workers

The National Nurses Union said the president's decision to tap a White House Ebola czar falls short unless the administration gives the czar power to cut off Medicare and Medicaid funds at hospitals that don't meet the highest uniform, national workplace safety standards.

EPA Receives Conflicting Comments On Worker Protection Standards From SBA, States, Congress

The Environmental Protection Agency is receiving conflicting comments on its proposed revisions to its worker protection standards (WPS) for agricultural pesticides, with House Democrats and some state health officials urging stronger protections while the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and state agriculture departments are calling on EPA to overhaul the rule.

CSB Touts Impact Of Industrial Safety Recommendations, Success Of Closure Rate

Federal chemical safety officials cite the high closure rate of their recommendations to improve industrial site safety as demonstrating the value of the investigative activities, as the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) comes under increased scrutiny on Capitol Hill over rampant allegations of dysfunction and whistleblower reprisal.

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NTP Plans Board Of Scientific Counselors Meeting

The National Toxicology Program, which reviews substances for potential hazards, announced the Dec. 9-10 meeting of its Board of Scientific Counselors. The board, an advisory group composed of scientists from the public and private sectors, . . .

Safety Council Urges Employers To Prepare For Ebola

The National Safety Council issued a statement urging the health care sector, and those most likely to come into contact with the Ebola virus, to prepare staff on the proper protocols of identifying and treating . . .

Agency Asks For Feedback On Rim Wheel Rule Data Collection

OSHA has filed a notice in the Federal Register asking stakeholders to comment on its proposal with the Office of Management and Budget to extend data collection requirements under the standard on servicing multi-piece and . . .

OSHA Seeks Feedback On Data Collection For Tandem Lifts Rule

OSHA is seeking public comments concerning its proposal to extend White House Budget Office approval of data collection specified by the standard on vertical tandem lifts in marine terminals.

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