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The Trump administration is expanding its rollback of an Obama-era injury and illness reporting rule with a new memo that critics say will curtail OSHA enforcement of the rule's anti-retaliation provisions, as dozens of Senate Democrats are urging the agency to drop a proposed rule that would limit the reporting requirements of the Obama rule.

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California’s attorney general (AG) is strongly defending the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board's (CSB) role in investigating accidents and recommending workplace safety and other rules, while backing CSB's push for a broad subpoena to investigate a refinery explosion, amid the Trump administration's calls to scrap the agency.

Industry attorneys are arguing that OSHA enforcement has risen during the Trump administration as the lack of a confirmed political leader has left career staff wielding greater influence over the agency's enforcement approach, and pushing back against labor groups' assertions that agency enforcement is declining at an “accelerated pace.”

OSHA is advancing plans for a safety standard to protect communications tower workers from falls and other hazards, seeking input on documents supporting a small business advisors' review this summer of effects of a rule on employers, though a former agency official says Trump administration deregulatory orders dim the rule's prospects.

An appellate court has upheld a lower court’s ruling limiting OSHA's authority to expand a facility inspection beyond the circumstances of a reported incident, faulting the agency's assertions that facility hazards and injury reports support “reasonable suspicion” of violations, though one panelist offered support for the agency's stance.

The Center for Progressive Reform (CPR), which advocates for strict public health and environment rules, is urging OSHA to craft new standards to protect workers from hazards they face when responding to disasters such as hurricanes, including new protections from ergonomic risks and heat stress, and greater enforcement during disaster responses.

Industry groups are urging OSHA to broaden its proposed rollback of an Obama-era injury and illness reporting rule to further curtail requirements for electronic reporting of injury data and the rule's anti-retaliation provisions, while labor groups and Democratic state officials are arguing the proposed revisions are unwarranted and will harm worker safety.

The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) is urging an appellate court to overturn a lower court ruling that partially denied its request for a broad subpoena for information related to an incident at an Exxon Mobil refinery, arguing the court abused its discretion in rejecting some subpoenas as “not relevant and material” to its inquiry.

Backing calls by Democrats and labor groups, NIOSH is defending the Obama OSHA's update to the injury and illness recordkeeping program, arguing that requirements for employers to submit detailed injury and illness data under the rule would inform worker protection efforts, and help OSHA prioritize facilities for enforcement.

Labor and food safety groups are warning they will sue the Trump administration if it allows additional poultry processing plants to qualify for waivers from its line-speed inspection rules under a newly announced plan to expand the existing waiver program, in part over concerns that the waivers will increase workplace safety risks.

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State and environmentalist petitioners are reiterating their request for an appellate court to compel the agency to quickly implement an Obama-era update to the agency's facility accident prevention rule, arguing that accidents are occurring regularly, and that the court already found the Trump administration's delay causes harm.

The White House is reviewing a draft final rule that the Obama OSHA originally sought to use to expand when the agency's safety standard applies to power equipment that is shut off for repairs, though it is unclear whether the final Standards Improvement Project (SIP) rule will include the measure given strong opposition from employers.

OSHA is convening a public meeting next month to seek input on whistleblower issues in the finance industry as the agency's Inspector General (IG) is auditing the agency's Whistleblower Protection Program in the wake of failures to quickly address complaints related to banking giant Wells Fargo

Democratic lawmakers are urging the Trump administration to withdraw a proposed rule seeking to scrap most requirements of an Obama-era final rule strengthening EPA's facility accident prevention program, arguing the rollback would increase facility risks that disproportionately harm minority and low-income communities.